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Aeroponics: A state-of-the-art way to grow

Aeroponics: A state-of-the-art way to grow – and, vitally, an environmentally responsible one


Traditional farming as our ancestors knew it just isn’t practical anymore –or ethical. With farmland disappearing worldwide due either to spoilage or conversion to other uses, a new, environmentally responsible method of indoor growing is taking root: aeroponics.

Liberty Leaf is proud to announce that, via our Just Kush cultivation-production facility, we will be joining other environmental business leaders by using this innovative method. If you aren’t familiar with aeroponics, the website Royal Queen Seeds explains it this way: “…in this variant, the plants are actually suspended in the air. Water and nutrients are delivered via a continual mist of the roots.”

Pretty cool––in both senses of the term! The beauty of aeroponics is that, in our resource-challenged era, it uses a minimum amount of energy and water while maintaining a healthy plant. Liberty Leaf explained the advantages of Just Kush’s proprietary aeroponics grow system over other cultivation methods in our July 5, 2018 press release:

  • cleaner and more sanitary growing conditions
  • a faster cultivation cycle from seed/clone to harvest
  • healthier crops with fewer losses from diseases and pests
  • easier maintenance and more efficient harvesting.

Aeroponics couldn’t be more timely. Using traditional methods to grow marijuana would take a devastating toll on resources. In a news report, CBC sounded the alarm: “From lights and heating to pumps and ventilation fans, it’s estimated that it takes about 2,000 kWh to make a pound of product using traditional growing methods. That’s close to how much electricity an average Canadian household uses in two months.”

What started out years ago as a novel way to study plant roots has come a long way. As Investing News points out, aeroponics “provides a consistent, high-quality product while saving on space and other resources. [It is] every bit the game changer for cannabis growers as it could be for food producers”.


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