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Get to know… Doug Macdonell

Get to know… Doug Macdonell

Doug in front of the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

1) What do you do to stay active?

I enjoy walking/hiking and try to get in four or five walks/hikes a week. Whether it’s 5K or something more ambitious, I find it’s a great way to clear the mind or work through a problem.

Golf is another activity I enjoy. While there’s lots of room for improvement in my game, it’s fun to get out on the course with friends.


2) Do you like to travel?

My wife and I enjoy travelling very much. We try to get a couple of trips in each year. Whether it’s driving around Ireland, spending the summer in Greece or checking out islands in the Caribbean, we love to get out and explore.

It’s great way to try new food — and meet interesting people!


3) What was the last movie you saw?

That would be Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought it was so good I saw it twice. I enjoy Queen’s music, though I’m not a particularly avid fan. The film, though, is so well done that if you appreciate music, you can’t help but love it.


4) What’s most important to you?

Family and friends. My wife has just taken early retirement, so I’ll be doing a lot more of the answers to 1) and 2) above. We have two adult sons who are getting established in their careers, and are healthy and great to be around. We’re also very fortunate to have long-term friends who are caring and considerate, and most important — know how to have fun!

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