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Quality is key: It’s not just cannabis that’s in increasing demand — but also the expanding variety of top-end cannabis-derived products

Quality is key: It’s not just cannabis that’s in increasing demand — but also the expanding variety of top-end cannabis-derived products


You can almost feel the tremors. The pot market is on course for earth-shattering success. As CNBC reports, the legal cannabis market will likely soar to nearly US$15 billion by 2021.

What you may not know is the significant extent to which pot-containing products, from edibles to cosmetics, will be a part of that boom. CNBC says the development of such upper-market derivatives will include: designer vaporizer pens; edible pastilles; and weed-infused coffee, mints and sweets. If you’re a chocoholic, your tastebuds will water at the idea of another upcoming treat: chocolate-covered espresso beans and blueberries, not to mention a cannabis-infused chocolate bar.

Another company, Herb Essentials, offers skincare products, e.g. lip balm, derived from marijuana. “While the products are free of the psychoactive substance THC, the products — which range from lip balm to face creams — all contain oils from the plant,” says CNBC.

 And just as there’s craft beer, craft pot is now coming into its own. As Cannabis Tech reports, like the craft beer brewer, the “craft cannabis cultivator is one focused on technique, innovation, and final product. Compared to the big names in the recreational market, whose focus is on quantity and price point, the craft grower goes into the game knowing they will have to charge a premium for the final product.”

Interestingly, the places friendly to the craft-beer business, like Canada’s west coast and the U.S. states of Colorado and Oregon, are also sprouting premium craft-pot growers, says Cannabis Tech.

Just Kush: high-quality, small-batch, artisan-craft product for high-end consumers

To meet the artisan-craft demand of the cannabis market boom, Liberty Leaf’s Just Kush focuses on  state-of-the-art growing processes to ensure high-quality product for high-end consumers. For example, Just Kush uses aeroponics to grow top-grade plants. Aeroponics is hydroponic gardening that suspends the roots in the air while a continual misting system brings nutrients and water to the plant.

The advantages of Just Kush’s innovative aeroponics grow system include:

  • cleaner and more sanitary growing conditions
  • a faster cultivation cycle from seed/clone to harvest
  • healthier crops with fewer losses from diseases and pests
  • easier maintenance and more efficient harvesting.

As well, artisanal facilities like Just Kush recognize that they’ll achieve the best quality and top potency by growing their product in small quantities. This careful, TLC method of growing is distinct from large-scale growing that focuses on quantity, not quality.

What’s more, these superior-standard growers will help fill the current gaping shortage of product, CBC News says. So, for artisan-craft growing, we anticipate that the market will appreciate top-end cultivation-production facilities like Just Kush and the superior products they expect to produce.


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